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12 New Crafts to Learn in 2015

12 Crafts to Try in 2015 |Lace Heaven

Have you started your list of New Year’s Resolutions yet? Take advantage of the new year to learn all sorts of new crafts. Here is a whole year’s worth of new crafts to explore in 2015:




Knitting is a craft that is coming back in style for millennials. With such easy access to online tutorials and DIY learning – knitting is one of those things that everyone should learn how to do. January is the perfect month to start a new project.

For beginners, start with a simple task like a pot-holder and use different stitches to experiment and get the hang of creating various patterns.

If you already have experience knitting – try something new. Check out this easy pattern for a knitted bunny.


Pillow Making

Have you noticed how expensive pillows are? It’s hard to find great pillows for a low price. The best solution is to spend time learning to make your own. Once you have the basics of sewing mastered, pillow making is really quite simple. You can look at any pillow and figure out a cost effective way to create the same idea. Follow this tutorial for an Anthropologie inspired tassel pillow. All you need is some fringe, fabric, and basic sewing necessities. This tutorial shows how to create your own pillow from start to finish.


Bird Seed Wreaths

This is a simple craft but March is the perfect season to experiment with it. By working with bird seed, you are creating gorgeous outdoor tree ornaments and feeding the wildlife. Follow these simple directions and then follow your own creative path. Choose different ribbons for hanging and incorporate different shapes using cookie cutters or other molds. They are great to hang up at parks or give as gifts.



Embroidery truly is such a versatile craft that involves patience, precision, and great vision. It used to be something that every woman was skilled at – but due to advances in technology, embroidery has become a dying craft. You can embroidery everything from pillows, to wall decorations, to hand towels. The possibilities and styles are endless.

Visit The Purl Bee for some great ideas and tutorials for any level embroidery artist.

Once you hone your skills a bit, you can begin incorporating things like lace appliques into your work.



Weaving is a craft that has been around for thousands of years. It’s a simple art to get the hang of – but there are endless possibilities. With artists like Maryanne Moodie bringing weaving into the modern age, it’s a hobby that is really catching on. She only picked up the craft in 2010 as she was looking for a creative outlet – but currently sells out her classes in New York.

You can find a myriad of ways to weave without investing too much in expensive looms and equipment. This weaving tutorial is great for beginners.



Long before synthetic dyes were invented and took over industrialized textile making, natural products were used to bring color to different fabrics. Using products that you have on hand to create beautiful fabrics can be an exciting craft. You never quite know how something will turn out and there is a certain beauty found in the imperfections of natural dying. For example, did you know that you can dye fabric using onion skins, turmeric, or even spinach? There are examples available that show you approximately what colors you can expect from different sources.

The only sure thing you will need is fabric, water, and vinegar.


Recycled Crafts

Nothing is more economical or earth friendly than turning something old into something new. Pinterest is filled with an unlimited source for inspiration for DIY projects. Whether its old socks, keys, or pistachio shell, you can do great things with very little investment of resources.



Thankfully, painting is one of the easiest arts you can enjoy. From flowers to abstract designs – painting on a canvas is all what you make of it. You can spend as many hours as you want diving deep into details or be done in as soon as 30 minutes.



Macramé is the art of knotting. You can see macramé methods used in upholstery, wall hangings, hammocks, and rugs. You may even have experience with macramé if you have ever made friendship bracelets. There are plenty of online tutorials that walk you through the process of creating beautiful plant hangers.



Felting an art that is lesser known in the crafting world. It involves the repeated “poking” of wool to create a solid shape. If you have ever washed your wool sweater and it starts to lose the fresh look – you have accidentally felted your wool sweater. The great thing is that you can intentionally use techniques to create beautiful pieces. All you need to get started is wool roving and felting needles. Check out this tutorial to get an idea of what felting is.



Crochet is a quicker moving yarn craft than knitting. I’ve spoken with many crocheters who refuse to knit because it takes too long. The methods used are completely different and can create gorgeous, ornate works of art. Follow any online patterns to create quilts such as this one on Purl Bee.



December is the jolliest time of year – take advantage of this month to make beautiful ornaments to give away to all of your friends, family, neighbors, or even your co-workers. I’m sure you’ve seen the delicious smelling cinnamon ornaments before. Did you know they are simple to make? You can create any shape and even get really crafty with them. Hang from beautiful ribbon and you have yourself an inexpensive and easy gift for everyone you know. Follow this simple recipe and check out this site for more inspiration.

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