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14 DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

DIY Valentine's Day Cards | Lace Heaven
Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite crafting holidays! There are plenty of opportunities to really get creative and share your projects with those you love. Cards are the perfect opportunity to really dive into paper crafting and mixed media arts. The best cards use a variety of materials including paper, lace, ribbons, appliques, and even buttons. Check out some of these ideas from around the web:

1. Paper Lace Valentine Card

Kristina from K Werner Design has really perfect the art of card making. Her Valentines are a creative blend of beautiful patterned papers and adorable additions like stamps, cutouts, and ribbons. In this tutorial, Kristina takes you through the steps of creating a square card and a lace cutout card holder. Be sure to also check out her other Valentine’s Day Card tutorials as well!

2. “Love You To The Moon” Valentine Card

Vicky’s Valentine’s Day cards are filled with small details that really make a huge impact. From the teeny heart shaped cutouts that create the tree, to the three-dimensional font, this card is a great one to create for friends and family. Check out more of her work on Clips-n-Cuts.

3. Woodgrain “Hello” Valentine’s Day Card

Another amazing card by Kristina at K Werner Designs, this “Hello” card is perfect for any friend or family member during the Valentine’s Day season. Sometimes even a simple “hello” can make a person’s day – especially when it comes in a handmade card. Watch her tutorial below:


4. Printable Valentine’s Day Love Coupons


Sarah (from Sarah Hearts) makes an adorable accordion style coupon holder for her Valentine using red envelopes and her own printable coupons. Follow her quick tutorial below and then finish off your project with some decorative string and you are good to go!


5. Button Hearts Valentine’s Day Card


Shellie created this awesome Valentine’s Day card using red, white, and pink buttons mixed with patterned papers and ribbons. For her easy DIY Valentine’s Day card, all you need is a blank red card, some decorative paper, and ribbons, and buttons. Follow the full instructions on Craftbits.com.


6. “I Adore You” Valentine’s Card

Anabelle from Bits and Pieces makes her amazing cards using tons of trim, gems, and stickers. They are layered to perfection with various textures, colors, and sparkles. For her “I Adore You” Valentine’s Day Card, she used paper, a layered sticker, and lace layered with a strip of burlap. The end result is a shabby chic card that anyone would be thrilled to receive. Check out her final product on her blog.


7. Love Silhouette Valentine’s Day Card

This tastefully simple card only takes a few minutes to create using blank cardstock, spray paint, and a colored pen. It’s so quick and easy you could make a whole set of them for your child’s class, your co-workers, or all of your friends! Learn more on the Better Homes and Gardens site.


8. Valentine’s Day Awards

Who says that a valentine can’t come in the form of an award? Melanie over at The Craft Cupboard got together a TON of ribbons, lace, and trim to create these extremely cute Valentine’s Day award pins. You can customize the center heart to say any message your little heart desires. View her full instructions on her blog.


9. Light Up My Life Valentine

Another super simple and yet incredibly cute idea is brought to you by Real Simple. For this cute card, all you need is some blank cardstock, a few (unlit) candles and your own elegant handwriting. Add ribbons and lace to make it even more personal. Check out the website to get a better idea of how to get started.


10.Eyes for You Valentine’s Day Card

Lucy from Lucy’s Cards created this hilarious card filled featuring a heart cutout filled with googly eyes. It’s a really fun card that is perfect for kids or loved ones with a silly sense of humor. Check out her whole process on her blog.


11.Rainbow Valentine Card

Also from Lucy at Lucy’s Cards is this colorful card made using die cuts and a plethora of bright patterned paper. It’s a simple design that can encompass tons of different themes depending upon which papers you choose. Lucy used scraps from old projects to make this one a bit more eco-friendly! Check out her ideas and directions on her blog.


12.Baked Valentines

The very best valentines involve some sort of home baked sweets. Angie from Echoes of Laughter created these super cute valentines that are certainly made with love. To start, she baked some mini banana chocolate chip bread. Next, she wrapped her mini loaf in wax paper and topped with her special valentine card (Angie used a doily and pre-made heart shaped valentine). Tie in a pretty bow and you definitely have the best valentine out there. Check out more of Angie’s process on her blog.


13.Doily Candy Hearts Valentines

These lace heart doily valentines are another one that are definitely sure to please the crowd. For these cute little packages, all you need are some heart shaped doilies and some small Valentine’s Day themed candies to stuff. Your end result is a mini pillow stuffed with delicious candies. Check out the Chic Tags website for more information on creating these amazing goodies.


14.Heart Jar Valentines

What’s better than a WHOLE jar of Valentine ’s Day candy? Only a jar that is decorated like the ones we found at The 36th Avenue. Desiree created these amazing and affordable gifts for all of her Valentines. Using just a mason jar, a little paint and sparkles, and some beautiful Valentine’s Day themed fabric and ribbons, you too can create these amazing gifts for your loved ones. They even have some free printables available to help make the project a little easier. View the full instructions here.

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