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5 Creative Ways to Use Stretch Lace in Your Craft Projects

Stretch Lace

Stretch lace in every color of the rainbow!


Lace is a timeless fabric; from vintage fashions, to its use in modern day casual wear and accessories. Lace still steals the show, and struts itself down the runways with style. Major designers and crafts persons, appreciate the touch of uniqueness and luxury that lace can lend to a design or creative project.


Elle Decor touts lace as being one of the greatest style and home decor trends of 2013 and beyond. Major design and apparel companies, such as, Zara, and H&M, have created lace collections for the season. As Elle Decor states, “Your grandmother’s tablecloth is now hip.”


Stretch lace, specifically, has an added comfort and ease of use, that makes it fun to work with,  particularly in craft projects.


You may be asking, how can I bring a bit of the grandeur of lace into my life?


Here are 5 creative ways to use stretch lace fabric in your own craft projects.


1. With Women’s Wear Daily reporting that  lace is making a huge splash in everything from “colorful dresses to sexy metallic pencil skirts”, adding stretch lace to your dresses and skirts, will give them a younger and fresher look. Using lace on the hem or around the bustline of an old dress, adds a bit of pizzazz to it, and makes an out-of-style piece of clothing, fashion forward again.


2. Gloves never go out of style, especially the feminine, lacy, fingerless gloves. Famous pop star, Cyndi Lauper, brought them to the fashion forefront in the 80’s, with her eclectic style, and now they are more popular than ever with the new pop generation. You can be creative and make your own lace gloves with stretch lace fabric; or remake an old pair into something lacy and new, by cutting off the fingers, and adding stretch lace to the top of the gloves.


3. Adding stretch lace to baby clothing and accessories, is another perfect and delightful way to use this timeless fabric. From use on baby girl dresses to baby blankets, lace can add a special old fashioned touch to your baby’s wardrobe and other baby items.


4. Leggings are the quintessential comfort pants; another fashion item that seems to have been around forever. Their main appeal is that they are some of the most comfortable pants ever made, but you may have some that you’d like to spruce up. Lace is perfect for dressing up a plain pair of leggings. And stretch lace in particular, is great for this project. You can place a strip of colorful stretch lace along the sides, and turn them into cool lacy tuxedo style leggings.


5. Grab some pairs of your plain everyday socks, and add a bit of stretch lace to the top. This look is really cute for teens and pre-teens, and those who simply love to add some flare and femininity to very basic clothing items.
The most important thing is to have fun using lace in your own unique way. It doesn’t matter if you’re using lace to spruce up an out-of-date clothing item, or creating something completely new, you are sure to add a touch of femininity and vintage beauty to your wardrobe.





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