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5 Uses for Old Buttons

Button Letters | Lace Heaven PinterestI’ve always kept a jar of loose buttons in my craft room. You know when you buy those shirts that come with the small envelope of extra button? I’ve never actually needed to replace a shirt button, but thank you for the thought nonetheless. The perks of having an oversized button collection are numerous. There are so many crafts, for kids and adults, that you could try to put those buttons to good use. And you’ll have the added satisfaction of recycling or upcycling old materials.

Most recently, I began a knitting frenzy, making tons of knitted stuffed animals. Not only are they extremely adorable, but they are making for great gifts for all of the new babies that have been arriving lately. Use those buttons as eyes in projects like these.

Another idea is to use them as a sort of design element on things like throw pillows. When sewn in clusters of complementing colors, the possibilities are endless. You can really vamp up your creativity here. Use them to make organic shapes, or create letters.

Use them to complement embroidery designs and to really make your work pop. They make for great accents on floral designs.

Use buttons as accents on homemade greeting cards. For children especially, making sentimental notes to loved ones is a fun project. Use up some of your buttons by gluing them strategically to the card. The buttons will add color, texture, and dimension.

Use them as a filler for glass vases. Sometimes flower arrangements need some extra support to keep their shape. Do this with colorful buttons, or choose only a few complementing hues to accent the floral bouquet.

For more awesome button craft ideas, check out our whole collection of inspiration on Pinterest.


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