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6 Nifty Scrap Fabric Projects From Around the Web


When crafting, you’ll inevitably end up with a pile of scrap fabric and accessories that you might first consider dumping in the trash. DON’T DO IT! It’s true when they say that one man’s trash is another’s treasure… but what they don’t tell you is that your trash could be your own treasure if you give it a chance!


For all those seemingly useless scrap pieces of fabric, etc., that deserve a second chance to become something great and useful, we’ve scoured the web to find great project ideas for you to do just that! Here are six of the niftiest scrap fabric projects we found for you to try – don’t forget to share your results with us when you’re done!


1.) Peacock Pillow via The Sewing Loft – Peacocks are growing in popularity, especially when it comes to fashion and decorating. Is it any wonder? Their colorful tail feathers are beautiful! The Sewing Loft took that beauty to normal everyday home decor: The throw pillow, made from different scraps of fabric. Perfect!


2.) DIY Pendant Necklace via Modge Podge Rocks – As a female, you have never have too many accessories. Pendants are a fun and simple way to dress up any outfit. Doing it yourself is even better (what better way to ensure you have an accessory for all of your favorite outfits?). This DIY pendant necklace from Modge Podge Rocks is the perfect way to use small scraps of your favorite fabric you have laying around. dress it up with a charm or fabric glue.


3.) Fun Canvas Apron via Better Homes and Gardens – If you like to spend a lot of time crafting your way around the kitchen, then you should craft something cute to wear while you’re doing it. Here we have an DIY apron from Better Homes and Gardens that is the perfect new home for your scrap strips of fabric.


4.) DIY Denim Flower Necklace via Tea Rose Home – Denim is making a comeback, but not always in blue-jean form. Denim shirts, vests, bags, etc. can be seen being sported by fashionistas all over, and we can see why. Projects like this DIY denim flower necklace make it clear that this fabric needs to be utilized more – and if you’re like us, you have tons of old jeans laying around that you can craft with for days!


5.) DIY Scrap Wreaths via Creature Comforts – You can honestly never go wrong with crafting a wreath; regardless of the holiday. Creature comforts gives us a whole roundup of fabulous DIY wreaths from around the Web that are so fun and festive, you’ll want to make one (or two) for every season! Especially this scrap fabric wreath which is cute all year long.


6.) Mini Purse Wallet via Thimbleleanna – Convenient enough to throw on your keychain, these adorable little purse/wallets can hold your change, your ID, your cell phone, chapstick and whatever else you like to have on you at all times!


Happy crafting!

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