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Add Extra Length to Your Dresses with a Lace Extender Slip

We have all been there before. You find a beautiful dress or skirt at an incredible sale price, but it’s just a little too short to wear to the office or your next family gathering. Since it’s on sale for a price you just can’t beat, you purchase it anyway, thinking that you will find the perfect event for it sooner or later. Time goes by and it ends up just another piece taking up space in the back of your closet.

Another scenario most ladies are all too familiar with: The dress that shrinks – only in length – in the washing machine. One cycle through the wash and that beautiful sundress you had so many plans for is too short for you to wear.

If you have faced either of these fashion faux pas, Lace Heaven has a simple and elegant solution for you: The extender slip.

An easy sewing project that experienced crafters and beginning sewers alike will be able to handle, all this project requires is a half-slip in the color of your choice and lace trim about 6 inches wide. Just pin your lace trim to the bottom of your slip and sew it on in a straight line!

Worn under any skirts or dresses that are just a little too short, this chic solution will bring new life to the pieces hiding in the back of your closet.

The tutorial below uses white lace – a great option for everyday wear – but feel free to get creative, using black lace or a more colorful trim that complements the style and color of your favorite dress.

For all your lace trim needs, shop with Lace Heaven online or give our Mobile, Alabama shop a call at 251-478-5644. We are always happy to help our customers find the perfect supplies for their sewing and crafting projects!

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