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April is National Decorating Month!

Although we aren’t sure exactly how – or when – April was named National Decorating Month, we do love the excuse this observance provides us to spruce up our homes and get creative with some unique, DIY decorations. A wonderful opportunity to get out of your winter slump and brighten up your home with brightly colored flowers and lovely lace, National Decorating Month is sure to be fun with these springy crafts.

Button Terrarium

Instead of creating a terrarium full of succulents you’ll probably forget to water, spruce up your shelving with adorable paper flower terrariums. Created with scrapbook paper, buttons and floral stem wire, these adorable little flowers will never wilt and can be created to match the colors inside your home or to stand out as a bold pop of color in a neutral interior.

For instructions, click here.

Flower Monogram

Perfect for placing on your front door or above the fireplace, a gorgeous flower monogram is simple and enjoyable to make. Pick out your favorite artificial flowers, paint a paper mache letter – and cover it with lace – then hot glue the flowers within it.

A timeless piece of spring décor, you could even make a monogram for each of your daughter’s bedrooms!

For instructions, click here.

Lace Dreamcatcher

Ethereal in appearance and easy to modify to match your home’s style, a lace dreamcatcher is a wonderful addition to any bedroom. Pick out your favorite lace trim and ribbon to hang from the wooden hoop, then accent with beads and feathers for a one-of-a-kind style.

For instructions, click here.

Button Wind Chime

As you redecorate the interior of your home this April, don’t forget to show your garden or front porch some love as well. These adorable (and easy to make) buttons wind chimes are a beautiful, whimsical addition to the outside of your home. Created completely from repurposed objects you can find around your home, all you need are a few old cookie cutters and silver spoons, as well as some colorful beads and buttons.

For instructions, click here.

Now that you have some spring crafts to decorate your home with throughout the month of April, all that’s left to do is order your supplies and get crafting! With a wide array of lace, ribbon, buttons and more, Lace Heaven is perfect to visit for all your spring crafting needs.

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