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Baby Shower DIY Projects

baby shower cupcakesPlanning a baby shower this summer or fall? Check out our favorite baby shower DIYs. From party games and crafts to snacks and centerpieces, this list is full of fun ideas to make your shower special!



DIY Scratcher Postcards

This awesome postcard invitation idea is perfect for announcing a baby shower and surprising guests with the sex of the baby. Create a scratch off surprise by combining silver acrylic paint and dish soap. Create your own invitation or check out Zazzle for a printable template and paint making tutorial.



Diaper Bouquet

Looking for a fun centerpiece for your tables? Create diaper bouquets in colors to match the baby’s sex. This simple craft creates a cute centerpiece that the mommy-to-be can take home and actually use! Click here for instructions.

Diaper Tricycle

Another great shower decoration is a diaper tricycle. This fun craft is made entirely of diapers, bibs, receiving blankets, socks, ribbon, a bottle and safety pins. Click here for instructions.

Party Favors


Rattle Cake Pops

Love cake pops? Make this rattle pop version for guests to munch on! Besides your normal cake pop ingredients, all you need is some ribbon! Tie a thank you note onto this cute snack and use it as a party favor. Click here for the recipe.

Baby Bottle Cookie Mix

Fill baby bottles with this delicious cookie recipe. Use pink m&ms if it’s a girl and blue if it’s a boy! The site even provides downloadable labels to print and stick to the back of the bottle.

Games and Crafts


Guess the Baby

This fun game is easy to put together and gets all your guests involved. Ask each guest to email you a baby picture of them self. Create a master list of names paired to numbers, then print each photo and glue it to a piece of paper or cardstock with their coordinating number. Hang the photos on a wall or refrigerator and let your guests try to guess who is who before revealing the answers!

baby shower cookiesLate Night Diaper Box

A late night diaper box is a fun craft that mom can take home and use during those first long weeks of late night diaper changes. Provide each guest with a diaper and a marker to write words of encouragement, or give mom a good laugh! Collect the diapers and place them in a basket for mom to bring home. Click here for ideas.

Baby’s First Alphabet Book

An adorable way to get all your loved ones involved in the baby’s first years, create an alphabet book out of an 8 x 8 scrapbook. Provide each guest with a different “letter” page and have them draw a picture of an item beginning with that letter. Click here for instructions.

Wishes for the Baby

Create a beautiful banner out of the wishes of your friends and family! Use stencils to cut animal shapes out of wrapping paper backed with cardstock. Have shower members write messages on the animals and hang then on a piece of thick ribbon or twine with mini clothespins. Send the mommy-to-be home with this fun craft to hang in the nursery. Click here for instructions.

DIY Baby Blocks

Make your own baby block decorations at the shower out of wooden blocks. Use paint, scrapbook paper, letters and appliqués to decorate. Click here for instructions.

Paint a Onesie

This fun and useful shower craft allows your guests to highlight their creativity and provide mom with some one-of-a-kind baby clothes. Choose plain onesies, tshirts and bibs in a variety of sizes. Use stencils, fabric paint, appliqués and more to get creative and provide the new baby with some special outfits! Click here for instructions and ideas.

Looking for crafting supplies to complete your baby shower projects? Visit Lace Heaven for buttons, ribbons, appliqués, accents and more!

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