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Beautiful Button Craft Projects for Fall

Fall Button Project Ideas


There’s just something about the autumn season that truly inspires creativity in every sense. From cooking and decorating to sewing and crafting, there’s no shortage of cute and creative ideas for you to try your hand in this fall! Besides lace, another craft supply we’re quite passionate about at Lace Heaven is buttons! Buttons are a very versatile object to add to a number of obvious and not-so-obvious projects. Here are some great fall projects perfect for “getting your button on” with this year:


1.) Button Trees – One common theme in the fall involves trees. With leaves changing and falling, trees seem to be everywhere and are more beautiful than ever! Highlight this in your projects by recreating beautiful tree images on fabric and either creating a trunk by painting it on the fabric, or crafting it out of buttons as well. Framing these images look great, you can also add them to decorative pillows!


2.) Sweater Pillows – Create a cute, DIY sweater pillow cover! While it’s not necessary to have buttons in this project, they look so much better with them! What’s more “fall” than a warm, cozy sweater?


3.) Pumpkin Button Art –  Like the tree, the pumpkin is a very popular theme throughout everything fall-related. I may go as far as to say it’s the mascot of the season. These pumpkin button art projects are super easy, fun, and add a flare and personalization to your autumn decor that you just can’t buy! Same with the first craft, add these on a burlap fabric and either frame it or create a nice addition to a purse or tote bag.


4.) Halloween Button Jewelry – These will quickly be a favorite craft and addition to your jewelry for every holiday. Making buttons a part of your accessorizing efforts has never been so easy! These button bracelets look great with black and orange buttons for Halloween – if you have specialty buttons such as scary spiders or pumpkins, they’ll be that much more festive!


5.)  Fall Button Headband – Another fun and pretty accessory is the headband – especially for the little lady in your life. Use buttons that are generally the same size for a uniform looking piece, or choose a variety of sizes and color varieties for something a little edgy! Keep with the colors of the season (reds, oranges, browns, and yellows) or the Halloween holiday (orange and black with some white and yellow). The choice is yours!


6.) Button Indian Corn Napkin Rings – With many dinners to be had and hosted this fall, especially with Thanksgiving next month, homemade napkin rings are a great way to add a personal, creative and festive touch to your dinner table setting!


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