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5 Fun and Fashionable DIY Winter Crafts

A New Year is finally upon us, offering up opportunities to start anew; it’s time to get those resolutions rolling and get crafting! With winter weather at its peak for many places around the U.S. (especially this week), that’s exactly what you need to be doing to keep busy if you’re stuck inside, keeping your… Read more »

DIY Lace Dresser Craft

If you are a big fan of lace, you’re probably always looking for a way to incorporate it into your daily life. Luckily, there are plenty of options! If you have an old dresser or chest that isn’t shabby enough to throw out but could really use a facelift, consider using lace to paint the… Read more »

Early Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

  Christmas 2013 will be here in just about two months, which might have you thinking about what gifts to give this year. We’re sure you like to choose gifts that make an impact, which makes handmade gifts so special.   Handmade gifts are the ones that create that element of surprise and overwhelming appreciation… Read more »

Get Thrifty: 7 Fun and Unique Ways to Use Old Lace

  It’s becoming pretty trendy to be thrifty. Recycling your old items that you would typically end up throwing away and gaining a whole new item in its place – doesn’t sound like a bad trade off, does it? Sometimes it’s hard to come up with creative ideas for your stuff. That’s why here we’ve… Read more »

Beautiful Button Craft Projects for Fall

  There’s just something about the autumn season that truly inspires creativity in every sense. From cooking and decorating to sewing and crafting, there’s no shortage of cute and creative ideas for you to try your hand in this fall! Besides lace, another craft supply we’re quite passionate about at Lace Heaven is buttons! Buttons… Read more »

How To Make Button Art

  The great thing about crafting is that you can really let your creative juices flows, let your artistic ability and personality shine as well as think as outside of the box as much as you want. With thousands of crafting ideas coupled with as many supplies available, your choices are endless! One newer crafting… Read more »

Tips for Keeping Your Sewing Supplies Organized

We all know organization is the best way to keep any room clean, especially project rooms. Scraps, small tools and tangibles pile up quickly, meaning you could be cleaning that room on a daily basis. Consider setting up a new organization method for your sewing room or area, it’s a fun project and it will… Read more »

Ribbon: A Must-Have For Craft Enthusiasts

Ribbon is one of those materials that every craft and sewing enthusiast should keep stocked. It can be used as an addition to a craft project or works well on its own for dressing up a product or gift. What used to be used just for wrapping Christmas or birthday presents and as hair ties… Read more »

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas – Why Make Your Own Homemade Costume

  DIY: Don’t Go As Mass Production This Halloween! Most of us create Halloween costumes for the sheer fun and excitement for the holiday. Creating a costume that is unique, but recognizable is usually the main goal. Avoid store bought cliché costumes by crafting handmade costumes with unique characteristics. Parents.com currently has some creative ideas… Read more »