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Cozy Up for Crafting this Fall

Leaves in shades of yellow, orange and red are falling from the trees and a crisp wind has you heading indoors for the fall months. And what better way to celebrate the beginning of this new season than curling up next to the fireplace with your latest craft in hand? Here at Lace Heaven, we find autumn to be the perfect time to finish projects you have been procrastinating on or to get started on the many holiday decorations and gifts you want to create this year. With so many options to consider, where do you start?

Make a List

Throw pillows that have yet to be stuffed, stocking patterns that have yet to be cut and a few feet of lace that you had planned to use to decorate centerpieces for your sister’s wedding. There are always leftover bits and pieces and unfinished crafts to complete. Make a list of the projects you have left to finish and make them happen! While starting something new is always an exciting feeling, so is the rewarding moment when you finally get a project done. Use the chilly months to come to organize and check crafts off your list. Have a decorative piece you left undone and no longer need? Handmade items like this are perfect hostess gifts for the string of holiday parties and get together you will be attending over the course of the next few months. Finish up your projects and wrap them with a bow – your friends will never know and will appreciate the sweet, homemade present.

Surf the Web

With so many unique ideas all over the internet, just head to Google or Pinterest for some crafting inspiration. Surprise your friends and family with a cozy, decorated home and handmade gifts this holiday season.

Once you find the right project, visit Lace Heaven for all your supplies. Our online shop makes crafting easy with lace trim, appliqués, buttons and more delivered right to your door. Enjoy all the pleasures of fall and don’t forget to stop back and share your favorite projects with us!

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