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Creating a DIY Gallery Wall

A trendy and attractive way to display family photos, keepsakes and art, the gallery wall has become incredibly popular in recent years. Displayed on living room, dining room and staircase walls, this collage-like showcase creates an incredible presentation of your family’s life and what makes you so special and unique.

As beautiful as the idea of a gallery wall is, it can be a bit intimidating to get started on one. Luckily, the design process is easier than you may think and there are many DIY projects you can create to increase savings and add some extra personality.

Getting Started

Before you even think about arranging and hanging things, the first thought to consider is what items you would like to display. Get started on your gallery wall by sifting through family photos, finding images you love and would like to incorporate into the project. Also consider small items with sentimental value that can be placed in shadow boxes or hung with ribbon to accent your photos and larger gallery pieces.

The key to your first home, ticket stubs from a special date, college degrees and children’s art projects are all lovely items to consider.

Other attractive and unique options include button art projects and lace wall hangings. We absolutely adore the idea of including a seasonal piece within your artistic expanse, and from Easter eggs to Halloween pumpkins and Valentine’s Day hearts there are endless button art tutorials to choose from.

Adding Your Initial

One of our favorite additions to any gallery wall is the first letter of your family’s last name. There are so many ways to incorporate your initial into the gallery wall project, whether you prefer lacey lettering, abstract artwork or a classic wood sign.

Creating Frames

Instead of going out and purchasing a bunch of new frames for your gallery wall endeavor, we recommend redecorating and reusing frames you already own. Mod Podged and covered in lace or fabric, your frames will be given new life!

Looking to display knick-knacks and other decorative items in your gallery wall? This DIY frame shelf project will create the perfect platform and is incredibly easy to make.

Hanging with Care

Once you have all of your mementos together, all that’s left to do is organize and hang them. Start by thinking about where you would like to place your largest pieces, working the smaller ones in between them for a balanced and attractive appearance.

There are many different ways to hang your pieces, and this article from Houzz has some great ideas for you to consider when putting up your gallery wall.

Shop for your lace, buttons and other crafting supplies with Lace Heaven and don’t forget to skim through our blog for some DIY project inspiration. Happy crafting!

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