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Creative Homemade Decorations For Your Thanksgiving Table

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of America’s favorite holidays. It is a day that unites family and friends around the dining table for sharing and gratitude. Since the kitchen and the dining rooms are often the center of this special day; happy homemakers want to truly bring the spirit and essence of Thanksgiving into their home’s decor.


One fun and very personal way to decorate for the Thanksgiving holiday is to create handmade and hand sewn items for your dinner table and kitchen areas. Guests will spend most of their time enjoying these areas of the home, and will appreciate seeing a bit of you, within the beauty of the decor.


Here are some suggestions for homemade decorations to dress up your Thanksgiving holiday table:


Autumn Leaf Garlands

The colors of Autumn, are the colors of the Thanksgiving holiday. Oranges, rust, shades of green and brown; all bring a sense of nature into the home. Garlands are a simple, but beautiful way to decorate a dining table for the season. Choose your favorite leaf pattern, or create your own from brown paper bags; and cut out all different shapes and sizes of leaves. You can string or paste them to your favorite ribbon and attach to the perimeters of your dining table, or lay them on the tabletop underneath the plates, for a festive display.


Creative Placemats

Making personalized placemats for the holiday dinner table, is a unique way to make something special for your Thanksgiving dinner guests. You can be very creative by using various fabrics for your Thanksgiving placemats. Felt fabric cut into a rectangle with a trim of bright orange ribbon or lace, is one color and fabric combination that will work. Satin and heavy cotton fabrics are also a great choice; and you can also embroider everyone’s names on the mats. For a simpler project, you can purchase cloth lettering and stitch names and sentimental Thanksgiving thoughts on each placemat; words like “gratitude” and “kinship”.


Festive Dinner Napkins and Napkin Holders

Cloth dinner napkins are another simple way to create your own Thanksgiving table decor. Choose any fabrics and colors that say “Thanksgiving” to you; the earthtones are most traditional. You can also create ring napkin holders for your handmade dinner napkins. Creating napkin holders from burlap or another sturdy fabric, is gorgeous and so easy; but you can also purchase basic napkin holders, and cover them in the fabrics of your choice.


Adding a personal touch to any family holiday, creates an atmosphere of giving and sharing, in a way, that store bought items cannot. What a wonderful gift to your guests, and to yourself, to create personal and unique decorative items to enjoy along with your fabulous Thanksgiving feast.

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