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Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table with These Fall Crafts

A time to give thanks and enjoy a delicious meal with your family and friends, Thanksgiving also provides an opportunity to come up with some beautiful and creative décor. Festive fall centerpieces and a wreath on the door are sure to make your loved ones feel welcome on Thanksgiving Day, so get started with some craft ideas from Lace Heaven. Whether you are looking for a fun project to complete with your kids or modern decorative pieces, we have some ideas that will spruce up your table.

Paper Pumpkin Centerpieces

Crafted from fall-themed decorative paper, these pumpkin shaped centerpieces make a beautiful addition to any dinner table. Add fabric leaves to the top of each pumpkin or a lace ribbon around the stem for some added flair. Click here for instructions and a printable template.

Tulle Turkey Wreath

Make your turkey day fun with this gobbling wreath. Created with Styrofoam, tulle and yarn, this turkey wreath is the perfect project to make with your kids. Cut the tulle strips to size and let your kids tie them around the top half of the wreath as you wrap the yarn around the bottom. Add eyes and the beak, and your creation is ready to hang. Click here for instructions.

Button Acorns

Created using Styrofoam balls, fabric and an array of brown colored buttons, acorns can be placed at the table or throughout your home for a touch of fall. We recommend using tortoise colored and leaf shaped buttons to create these decorative pieces. Click here for instructions.

Pinecone Turkey Place Cards

Spend an afternoon outside with your kids, enjoying the fall weather and scavenging for pine cones for the whole family. Once you have enough for each table setting, head inside and get started on this festive pinecone turkey craft! All you need is button eyes, orange felt and feathers. Glue all of the pieces on to create a cute turkey that will greet each of your guests. Substitute the artificial feathers for feather-shaped paper, displaying guests’ names to make these turkeys extra special. Click here for instructions.

Mod Podge Lace Pumpkins

The perfect fall centerpiece, decorate miniature pumpkins and gourds with some lace for a decorative and romantic touch. Shop Lace Heaven for your favorite lace patterns and use some Mod Podge to apply them to your pumpkins.

Share your Thanksgiving crafts with us in the comments section below. We would love to see how your projects turned out! Happy Thanksgiving!

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