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DIY Button Projects

One of the most common element in sewing projects is buttons; which come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. Many people overlook the potential that buttons can have, and are often left with a surplus of buttons from past projects. At Lace Heaven we believe that no supplies should go to waste, and have composed an inspiration board to help you get started with DIY button projects.

Visit our Pinterest Board “DIY Button Projects” to view examples of the following:

      • Button Clocks
      • Button Monograms
      • Button Magnets
      • Button Jewelry
      • Button Artwork
      • Button Hair Accessories
      • …and more!

These easy do-it-yourself projects will leave you with a unique end result that’s as cute as a button!

Need buttons? Check our Lace Heaven’s button assortment which contains over 500 buttons to get started today.

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