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DIY Lace Dresser Craft

If you are a big fan of lace, you’re probably always looking for a way to incorporate it into your daily life. Luckily, there are plenty of options!

If you have an old dresser or chest that isn’t shabby enough to throw out but could really use a facelift, consider using lace to paint the dresser and give it a brand new look.

Dresser drawers with a lace pattern over the front will serve your home well as an antique-themed, conversation piece.

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Creating a DIY Lace Painted piece of furniture can be done from home. First, you’ll need to find an old dresser that you’re perfectly OK with changing completely. (Luckily, we all have them!)

Once you have your dresser of choice, make sure you clean the piece of furniture thoroughly and remove the drawers and handles. If you don’t like the color of your dresser, you should consider painting the dresser as well.

If you want your lace to appear “colored,” your best bet is to paint the dresser itself using a white eggshell paint.

Paint the entire surface of the dresser with the eggshell paint and make sure that you are sanding between coats. Once you are done painting the dresser, make sure that you use a “furniture paste wax” which will help seal the paint to the dresser and give it more of a satin or glossed appearance. Do not wax the drawers because you still need to paint the lace onto them.

Make sure you find a color that you really like as the color that the “lace” will appear to be.

The color will be the dominant color and it’s important that you are happy with it. Cut out piece of lace material (with a pattern that you are fond of) and tape them down to the front of the drawers so they won’t shift or slide when applying the paint.

Spray paint the dresser drawers once you have laid the lace down and secured it.

You should sand the drawers a little bit once the paint has dried but not too much or you will blur the lace design. If the color of the lace is not dark enough for you, keep in mind that the wax will likely darken the color.

This relatively simple craft can make an old, plain dresser standout. If you’re planning to attempt this craft, visit Lace Heaven for your lace pattern of choice.

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