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DIY Lace Projects: How to make Lace Tape


Lace Supplies

You may have seen it as an accent to a scrapbook or in a simple project. Lace tap is exactly what it sounds like lace with a sticky back that can be stuck to any project your little heart desires. You may want to use it for more projects than you would have ever imagined.  Below is a list of simple instructions so you can make any lace into lace tape and us for your projects.


  • Gather all the supplies you will need for the project including, lace of your choosing and vellum tape. The closer the width of the lace to the width of the tape the more seamless it will appear when you use it.

  • Lay the lace out with the side up you DO NOT want to be seen on whatever project you are working on.

  • Peel the tape off one side of the double sided vellum tape. The tape may come in a roll that you will not need to peel one side off of, it will be ready to go with one sticky side and one side covered in a white piece of film.

  • Push the tape onto the lace you have rolled out. You will need to push very hard to make sure the tape is stuck for good.

  • When you would like to use your lace tape simply cut to the length you need and peel off the back of the vellum tape and you are good to go.


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