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DIY Lace Trimmed Cami

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Lace is extremely popular among women of all ages. It can provide a feminine touch to almost anything: shoes, bags, shirts, shorts, etc. Many people are using lace in décor, and even dog accessories. With summer right around the corner, you may want to have a couple of  lace options ready in your wardrobe. Often times, creating your own lace items is a fraction of the price compared to laced items from the store. And it’s so easy! Here is a DIY idea:


Lace Trimmed Cami

Consider making your own laced shirts. With a plain old tank top or t-shirt, and a bit of lace, you can create your very own masterpieces that would normally cost a hundred times as much in a boutique. The easiest place to start, is with lace trim. Personally, I like to add lace around the bottom of my shirts. Not only does it make them a bit longer, but it adds an extra touch of femininity.


Sewing machine
Thread (same color as camisole)
1. Measure the top hem of the cami you have already purchased from the store. You can use any color you want, even use a cami you already have and refurbish it
2. Cut the lace you want to use as trim, leave a little extra it can be trimmed off later
3. Flip the cami inside out
4. Pin the lace to the cami
5. Flip the cami right side so you can see how it will look
6. If you approve then sew away!
If you want, you can even use the same simple technique to have a lace bottom on your cami.


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