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DIY Lingerie for Valentine’s Day

DIY Lace BraletteStruggling to come up with ideas for Valentine’s Day? Pinterest is filled with photos of gorgeous women wearing cute bralettes. They’re sheer, lace, and oh so cute.


This gorgeous tutorial for a bralette will have you feeling cute, crafty, and sexy! How many times have you walked past the lingerie stores and felt repelled by the seemingly high prices? There’s no way that lingerie should cost as much as it does. All you need to create your own sexy little pieces is some lace of your choice and a little bit of a creative spirit.


Every lady deserves to feel sexy on Valentine’s Day. Using one of the most simple patterns I’ve ever seen, you can easily and cheaply create your own. It’ll fit you perfectly, and look exactly how you want it to. You’ll never buy another piece of lingerie again.


Follow this pattern from Project 22.


Literally, all you have to do is make four cuts on your lace and sew it together. It doesn’t get simpler than that! Why do they charge so much for these at the stores?!


Check out Lace Heaven’s stash of three inch thick lace trim that will work well for these types of projects. We have lace trim that is three inches, and lace trim that measures over three inches.


Even add cute accessories like buttons, chenille trim, or bows! The possibilities are endless!

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