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DIY Projects for your Summer Wedding


For all of you ladies who have recently gotten engaged and are planning a summer wedding for the 2016 season: Check out our favorite DIY wedding crafts. A great way to make your special day unique, these ideas can also save a lot of money. Put these DIYs together with your bridesmaids for a day of bonding and fun!

The Necessities

Looking for a creative way to save on some of the traditional wedding day necessities? Check out these beautiful crafts that will make your wedding day one to remember.

Rice Tossers

Rice tossers are a wedding staple, and extremely easy to make on your own. Use cardstock, a hole punch, scissors and tape to create this wedding classic. Use butterflies or appliqués glued to a paperclip to hold the containers closed. Add a signature message and you’re all set! Click here for instructions.

Guest Book Alternative

Interested in a crafty and unique alternative to the traditional guest book? Make a heart drop box instead! Use two frame kits, glass, wooden hearts, paint, and scrapbook paper to create this memorable piece. After designing a centerpiece with your names or initials and wedding date, leave the rest of the hearts out for guests to sign and drop into the frame on your big day. Click here for instructions.

Wedding Garter

Your wedding garter is one of the most important accessories to your wedding day apparel. Garters are fairly simple to make, and easy to customize. Click here to learn how to make one of our favorite lace designs. Alter this simple design to fit the “something blue” tradition with blue lace or an appliqué that includes blue in its design.


From simple yet chic table numbers to romantic candle arrangements, here are some of our favorite centerpiece ideas for summer weddings.

Burlap and Doily Luminaries

Candles make beautiful and romantic centerpieces and accessories for any wedding venue. These rustic lace versions are easy to make and only require a few materials to do so. Purchase or reuse glass jars, and pick up lace doilies, adhesive spray, burlap, twine, buttons and ribbons to put together a collage of unique centerpieces. Click here for instructions.

Mason Jar Centerpieces

Mason jars are the perfect addition to a summer country wedding. Choose a color, or a few, to match your wedding theme and purchase acrylic paint. After painting your jars use patterned paper, twine or ribbon, and other embellishments to decorate the centerpieces. Include the bride and grooms initials or the table number on the outside of each jar and fill with flowers! Click here for instructions.

Wine Corks & Candles

All you need for these romantic, rustic wedding centerpieces is small vases, candle holders, candles, and old wine corks. Place the candles inside the candle holders and then place them in the center of each vase. Fill corks in all the way around, leaving space at the top, and you’re all set! Tie ribbons around each vase for some added flair, or add table numbers for functionality. Hosting a beach themed wedding? Replace the corks with shells and starfish.

String Art Table Numbers

Created using wood plaques, nails and yarn, these fun table markers can be painted to match any wedding theme. Print numbers in your favorite font and use thumb tacks to make holes along the outline of each number. Then remove the printed number and insert your nails. Click here for instructions. Create plaques with the initials of the members of the bridal party to place at the head table. These double as a great party favor!


Use these décor ideas to add your own unique look to the wedding venue, without breaking your budget! Include your wedding colors into the designs to make them your own.
wedding favors

Doily Lanterns

These romantic lights can be hung around your venue, whether indoors or out. Blow up balloons and cover with doilies that have been covered in a mixture of paint and cornstarch. Let them dry for 24 hours before popping the balloons, leaving only the beautiful lacey exteriors. Click here for instructions.

Paper Flower Backdrop Garland

Create flower backdrops in colors to match your own bouquet to add to the summery look of your wedding. Place them behind the dessert table, as well as tables containing your guest book and party favors. Click here for instructions and downloadable templates to make your paper flowers.

Wedding Photo Booth

Add to the wedding fun with a simple and fun photo booth idea! Use colored ribbons and lace hung from the ceiling of your venue for a simple and chic backdrop. Hosting an outdoor wedding? Hang the ribbons from the branch of a large tree! Click here for instructions.

Another great idea is to make your own Polaroid frame. Cut a rectangle out of a white piece of poster board, and paint your names and the date of your wedding below the frame. Use stencils or letters printed from the computer to trace before filling in with paint. Click here for instructions.


Coming up with the perfect wedding favor can be tough. Wow your friends and family with these cute and creative ideas.

Simple Succulents

These cute, eco-friendly favors will be a hit at your wedding. After purchasing the little plants, place them in individual pots painted to match your wedding colors. Glue scrapbook paper with guests’ names and table numbers to the front of each pot to double as place cards.

Love Spice

Looking for a fun, usable gift that will remind guests of your wedding night each time they use it? Create a batch of “Love Spice” and place in individual spice jars. This seasoned salt recipe is perfect for adding to vegetables, chicken, baked potatoes and more. Create your own wedding themed labels and you are all set. Click here for recipe and instructions.

Vintage Nautical Sailboat Favors

Hosting a wedding on the beach? These adorable favors are fun to make and only include a few simple materials. Use little pieces of driftwood, lace or linen eyelet fabric, wood glue and a drill to create these unique pieces. Click here for instructions.

Looking for lace, ribbon, appliqués or more to complete your DIY wedding projects? Lace Heaven has the materials you need to create these beautiful pieces. Happy crafting; we hope you have the wedding of your dreams!

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