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DIY Stretch Lace Boot Toppers



lace boot topper

Fun, lace boot toppers are showing up everywhere; from social media sites like Pinterest, to the latest fashion trend websites. They are extremely creative, and can add a bit of stylish flair to your wardrobe. You can always purchase them for big bucks, from your nearest mall, or have some inexpensive fun making your own. We choose the latter.

These decorative boot socks are taken to another level, by using stretch lace as your fabric. Pick a bunch of vibrant colors of stretch lace, and create a few colorful pairs for all of your favorite boots.


DIY Stretch Lace Boot Topper Supplies:


  • Medium-sized needle and thread
  • Pairs of long knee socks
  • Stretch lace
  • Scissors




1. Wearing a pair of good quality leggings or other form fitting exercise pants; begin to roll the legs of the pants up to the top of your calf. This should create a bulky cuff at the top portion of your calf, right below the knee.


2. Put your first pair of knee socks on, inside out. The cuff of your socks should be right over the cuff you created with your leggings. Stretch the cuff of your socks as much as possible; this makes it easier when you begin to sew on your stretch lace. This is a very important step. If you don’t stretch your socks as far as they can go, after you sew on the lace, they may tear when you attempt to wear them. Also, note that the heel of your socks should be on the front of the foot, because you want the seam to end up at the back of the socks, on the finished product.


3. Double the length  of thread on your sewing needle. Sew the thread through the cuff line of the sock and then back out the same side. There will be two layers of the cuff, be certain to only sew through the first layer. This prevents stitches from being seen, when the socks are worn on the right side. Remember to tie a knot in the thread to keep it from coming through the sock fabric.


4. Using your needle, begin to sew upwards through the lace, then back down into sock. Do this step twice to fortify the stitch before continuing. Using a basic slip stitch, begin stitching the piece of stretch lace, around the cuff of the sock. Stitches should be approximately ⅛ of an inch long.


Note: A helpful tip in finishing the project, is to gently twist the sock, once it begins to get too awkward to sew.

Once you’re finished, you will have some really fun and stylish accessories to complete your boot look for the coming seasons. Today, the fashion-forward, are wearing boots year-round; so you will have many days and nights to rock your new look.


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