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Early Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

holiday gift giving ideas


Christmas 2013 will be here in just about two months, which might have you thinking about what gifts to give this year. We’re sure you like to choose gifts that make an impact, which makes handmade gifts so special.


Handmade gifts are the ones that create that element of surprise and overwhelming appreciation that the store-bought gifts just can’t compare to. Handmade gifts are great because they’re completely tailored to the likes of the person receiving the gift.


You don’t have to be super crafty to make a beautiful and purposeful gift. Really, all you need is a good idea and a few products to back it up! We can help you with the supplies later, for now, here are some ideas for holiday gift-giving from RealSimple.com to spark your creativity:


Handmade Christmas tree ornaments to help make the tree sparkle and shine. With a clear glass ball ornament, you can wrap colorful, decorative lace around the center and fill the inside with sparkly confetti. With a steady hand, personalize it with a Christmas wish for love, happiness and good health.


For hot coffee, hot chocolate and tea, a nice mug is always a great gift. But to take it up a notch, how about decorating the outside with decorative felt? These decorative mugs make that cup o’ joe even more enticing.


Lace and floral inspired hair clips always look adorable in the hair of little ones. With a little bit of decorative fabric, lace, a jewel, clip and glue gun, you can create a beautiful hair piece for the little ones in your life to wear for the holiday season and beyond.


Decorative votive candles are the perfect gift for simple decor and can be easily personalized. You can use a votive of any style or size. You can re-use Christmas wrapping paper and Elmer’s glue to adhere to the votive and seal with a super-strength adhesive solution for crafts.


Lace Heaven is always inspired by what our customers come up with when putting their crafting ideas together. For resources and a ton of great products, feel free to browse our website. Let us know if we can help you master your plans for this year’s gift giving!


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