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Easy Lace Angel Wing Ornament Tutorial

Angels are often associated with the holiday season. They are placed onto the top of trees, secured to rooftops, and used as decorations on mantles. We recently came across a blog that explained how to make homemade angel ornaments out of lace.

These lace angel ornaments can make a great gift alone or secured onto a present.

These ornaments are very easy to make with children and are glitter and glue free. They can also be an entertaining craft for adults, making them a good craft for the whole family to do together.

What You’ll Need:

Pipe cleaners
Colored ribbon

Wooden beads
Fine tipped marker

Make sure that the lace you purchase has a straight edge on one side and a seam on the other side, you’ll need the seam to secure the pipe cleaner.

You can purchase any color pipe cleaner. Silver, gold, and white are popular choices. The pipe cleaner color will show as the halo on your angel.

Draw the faces of the angels on the wooden beads, using the fine tipped marker, before you start putting the craft together. You will have more control over the marker if you don’t have the rest of the craft attached to the bead.

The hardest part of this craft is the first thing you’ll have to do, lace the pipe cleaner through the seam of the lace.

You can use a thick needle to help thread the pipe cleaner through. Be patient with this step, it can be tedious.

Once you have the pipe cleaned through the lace, thread the wooden bead onto one side of the pipe clear. Create a halo surrounding the angels head using the pipe cleaner and cut the remaining portion off. The other half of the pipe cleaner needs to be trimmed and twisted around to form the neck of the angel.

The lace will become the body of the angel.

Fluff the lace from one side of the angels head to the other, fluffing past where the bead ends.  Tie a ribbon around the halo of the angel in order to hang it on the tree.

This craft is simple yet sweet. These angels have a vintage appearance but are affordable to create. Before you purchase extravagant decorations from stores, consider how you can deck your halls with affordable crafts.

For more lace-themed crafts and other lace news, visit Lace Heaven’s blog.

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