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Eight Supplies Every Crafter Should Have On Hand

Whether you are just starting to try your hand at DIY projects or have been an avid crafter for years, there are certain supplies your crafting closet just can’t be without. The following items are the ones we use the most in our own DIYs, all of which will come in handy during your crafting adventures.

Hot Glue Gun

One of the most handy and inexpensive supplies you will purchase during your crafting career, your hot glue gun will help you through every crafting conundrum. Just don’t forget to maintain an extensive supply of hot glue sticks, you will burn through these faster than you thought possible.

Mod Podge

This adhesive works on both the most delicate and tough materials, perfect for everything from paper crafts to the sealing of wood.  Mod Podge is a crafter’s best friend and whether you prefer glossy or matte, it is important to have a big bottle of this glue.

Paint Brush Set

A good set of paint brushes is another DIY must-have. Used for much more than just painting, you can also apply Mod Podge and glue with these brushes.

Acrylic Paint

When it comes to crafting, if you want to paint it, you can probably paint it with acrylic paint. Inexpensive and incredible versatile, acrylic paint dries with a smooth, even coat regardless of what surface you put it on.

Rotary Mat

Make sure all of your lines are straight with the help of a rotary mat. If you do a lot of crafts involving paper or fabric, we recommend choosing a self-healing mat to get the most use out of this tool.


Especially if you love to make your own jewelry, a good pair of pliers will be invaluable to you. Not sure what type of pliers to start with? We recommend needle nose pliers. Perfect for bending wire, installing clasps, threading beads and more, they will make all of your jewelry and wire related crafts simple and fun.

Fabric Scissors

Get a straight, crisp line every time – regardless of if you are cutting satin or burlap – with a pair of sharp fabric scissors in your hand. Just remember not to use these scissors on other materials to keep them in the best shape possible.


The final crafting must-have: Embellishments. Little details like buttons, ribbon and lace add that final touch and bit of individuality that every DIY project needs. Here at Lace Heaven, we have a wide variety of embellishment, perfect for detailing your crafts with.

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