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Even More Summer Craft Projects!


Recently, Lace Heaven asked our wonderful fans to show us some of their favorite summertime crafting projects. Everyone had great ideas and pictures and it was fun to see what everyone is making this summer. Here are some of the featured projects our fans posted on our Facebook and some tutorials to help you replicate their fun project ideas!


1.) Retro Veil


When it comes to fashion, history often repeats itself; retro fashion is in and popular as ever. Fan, Ann Anzul was inspired by 1950’s fashion when she suggested crafting a retro, bird cage veil like the one below. Whether for a summer wedding or just to spruce up your look with a hint of retro style, these bird cage veils are sassy and classy. check out the one below and learn how you can make your very own!

Summer Craft Projects 

“This black retro veil was inspired by some of the fabulous bird cage veils that women wore in the 1950’s. It definitely has that vintage look and harkens back to a more enchanting and glamourous time in fashion history. It measures approximately 12″ x 15″.”Ann Anzul

Do it yourself: http://www.designsbymeganturnidge.com/blog/?p=844


2.) Pine Needle Baskets


You can never have too many baskets around the house. They’re perfect decoration for holding those little trinkets that have no specified place, keys, change, etc. These fun and classy pine needle baskets are a craft that is extra rewarding and relaxing, too! Add extra beads to yours like Linda Wilson did to make your baskets look even fancier.


summer craft projects

“A selection of pine needle baskets made by the process of COILING, with added beads and other items.”Linda Wilson


Do it yourself: http://www.guideposts.org/inspirational-stories/how-to-make-a-pine-needle-basket


3.) Summer Headbands


Adding fun summer headbands to any wardrobe is an easy way to add extra festive flare. Creating these headbands with blooms like Amanda Collins is one crafty way to ensure anyone is looking super cute. Little girls are especially fun to craft for – the bigger the blossom, the better! Or take a more sophisticated, yet just as pretty approach like BizzyMom Seppala did below with beads and embroidery.

best summer craft projects

“Love the elastic lace for some fun summer headbands!”Amanda Collins


summer craft projects

Beaded, embroidered Headband by BizzyMom Seppala


No matter what you’re crafting this summer, it’s always more fun to share and be shared with! Have more fun summer crafting projects? We would love to hear them! Let us know what you’re crafting this summer in our comments section or on our Facebook page! Happy crafting!
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