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Expressing Yourself Through Multimedia Collage Art

Multimedia Collage

Art has always been a medium of expression. Throughout the centuries, artists have poured their souls into their work. From painting to sculptures, to graffiti art; creating has always been one of the most enjoyable and effective ways to express who you really are.


Not everyone is born a talented art phenom, or has the guts and heart to paint New York City with words and thoughts, like Jean-Michele Basquiat; but anyone can create a collage. The word itself lets you know that there does not need to be any order to this work. Collages are experiments of color, texture, and media. And the Internet has expanded the world of collage creating to include all forms of media.


Multimedia collage art is all the rage for many reasons. Anyone who dares to try it can come up with a creation that will speak to their hearts. There is no right or wrong way to create a collage. You do what you feel.


Because there are no rules in creating multimedia collage art, except of course, the use of multiple forms of media; it is open to everyone. Even those who do not consider themselves creative. With some colorful photos, scraps of paper, fabric swatches, bits of lace, printed words, written words, and drawings; you can build a collage just for the fun of combining color and textures, or to say something you really want to say.


When you search the Internet, you will see all kinds of collage art. Some extremely interesting, some oddly disturbing, and some are extraordinary works of art. But you don’t need to get complicated with the process to use multimedia collage art as a form of self-expression. You can begin from any level of artistry with just a few economical supplies.


What you need to get started:


  • A blank notebook, or sketch pad, even a piece of cardboard will work
  • Pens, pencils, markers are optional – but will give you more options
  • Old magazines for pictures and words that speak to you internally (newspapers, old mail, circulars, any of these can be used for collage art)
  • Fabric, glitter, construction paper, buttons, patches, lace (anything!)
  • And Mod Podge or some other sealant from a craft store



How do I begin?


  1. Tear or cut out pictures and images that appeal to you. It doesn’t require deep thought, actually impulse responses are often more fun and closer to your truth.
  2. Collect pieces of fabric, buttons, lace, construction paper, sand, glitter; anything that can stick to a surface with glue and/or sealant.
  3. Grab your pens, pencils, and markers in case you feel like writing or free drawing on your collage work.
  4. Your Mod Podge or sealant should be nearby.

Some people choose to lay out their images, pictures, fabric, etc., before sealing with a coat of sealant; others just go for it, and start gluing and sealing everything to the chosen surface. It’s really up to you. As we said, there is no right or wrong in creating multimedia art.


Creating multimedia collages is all about letting go, and learning how to have fun, and express your own unique creativity without judgment.

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