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Fall Fashion: Lace Accented Denim Jacket

A fall fashion staple that belongs in every closet, the denim jacket has made a big comeback in the past few years and is definitely here to stay. A grab-and-go top layer that pairs well with just about everything, it is the perfect weight for your morning walk with the dog and evenings out with friends.

But with so many of us putting on our denim jackets this season, how can you ensure that your style still stands out from the crowd? These DIY lace-inspired options are sure to do the trick. All you need is a bit of lace trim, a needle and thread.

Sleeves & Hem

If you are looking to add a bit of length to your denim jacket, a simple and stylish solution is to add a bit of lace trim to the sleeves and the hem. For this project, you will want to choose a rather wide lace trim, so it hangs an inch or further below the end of your jacket.


Another lovely spot to add a pop of lace to your denim jacket is at the shoulders. For this project, you will begin by cutting the denim shoulders of the jacket out, using a pattern to ensure they are cut exactly the same. Next, you will cut lace to fill the inside of these holes, allowing it to peek through at the shoulders for a feminine touch.


Delicate and unique, lace trim along the edging of your denim jacket will turn it into a sophisticated piece that can be worn to almost any event. Paired with leggings and a tunic, or a casual dress, this accented jacket will have just enough pop to make it stand out amongst the crowded blue sea of denim.

For this project, we recommend sticking with a simple trim to ensure that the detailing isn’t too overpowering.

For complete project tutorials from About.com, click here.

Regardless of which lace and denim DIY look you decide to create, Lace Heaven has all the materials you need to get started on your fall fashion project. Browse our expansive collection of lace trim online or give our Mobile, Alabama shop a call at 251-478-5644 for assistance finding exactly what you need.

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