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Four Hacks Every Crafter Needs to Know

From hot glue sticks that leave stringy wisps all over your project to those little pieces of glitter you just can’t get rid of after completing your daughter’s dance costume, there are a few crafting mishaps all of us have faced. Luckily, there are quite a few simple and inexpensive tricks that can help you get through all of your crafting woes.

Creased Ribbon

Especially if you are using scraps of ribbon, or a roll that has been sitting in storage for a while, it is common for your ribbon to get creases. Instead of pulling out your ironing board and waiting for your iron to heat up, just walk over to your nearest table lamp. Rubbing the creases area of your ribbon across the top of a lightbulb will straighten it out with ease!

A great way to prevent this entire scenario from occurring: Stack your rolls of ribbon on a paper towel holder for quick storage.

Glittery Mess

Just like pet hair, glitter has a way of getting itself everywhere. If you are facing a glittery mess when cleaning up after a DIY project, we recommend grabbing a lint roller for quick cleanup. This sticky surface can grab those tiny pieces of glitter (and seed beads) with ease, reducing the amount of it you will find around your house by tenfold.

Dull Scissors

If your favorite pair of crafting scissors has started to get dull, all you need is a few sheets of aluminum foil to fix them up. Cut through the sheets a few times, and your scissors will seem like new!

This trick also works well on craft punches.

Stringy Hot Glue Sticks

One of the most frustrating parts of using a hot glue gun is dealing with the tiny strings of glue that get all over the place. Prep your sticks ahead of time to help reduce this problem, putting them in the freezer a few hours before you plan on using them.

You can also use a blow dryer to melt away the last of the strands once your DIY project is complete, giving it a crisp, professional appearance.

Now that you have a few incredible tricks up for sleeve, it’s time to get started on your next crafting project. Lace Heaven has plenty of great ideas on our blog, as well as all the supplies you need on our online store.

Happy Crafting!

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