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Fun Ways To Make Scrap Fabric Useable

Extra fabric from craft projects is almost impossible to avoid. Before you head to the trash with the scraps, think first of the amazing possibilities you have to create masterpieces with the leftover pieces!

Scraps end up in all shapes and sizes and of various colors and patterns. This gives you a lot of opportunity to either enhance a current project or craft a completely new one. We’ve made a worthwhile list of what you could turn those scraps into.

1. Mosaic wall art. By cutting scraps into unique shapes such as ovals, you can arrange them on a canvas of a simple color to create for example, a flower. Canvas mosaics are stunning and very appealing.

2. If you have enough scraps to cut rectangle sections, you can turn the pieces into an artistic cover for a Nook or Kindle.

3. Little girl tutus made from extra fabric is just plain fun! Your little princess will look absolutely adorable in a one of a kind tutu!

4. Holiday wreaths are probably the simplest project for using up your leftover holiday fabrics. Just purchase the tubing that is to be the wreath and decorate by wrapping it in colorful, spirited fabric!

Don’t forget to tune into our Pinterest page. We’ve pinned some really fun and crafty ideas for using leftover fabrics. Two favorites of ours are the T.V. floor watching mats and the fabric coffee sleeves. Visit our fabric Pinterest board to view these and other projects.


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