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Get Thrifty: 7 Fun and Unique Ways to Use Old Lace

lace project ideas


It’s becoming pretty trendy to be thrifty. Recycling your old items that you would typically end up throwing away and gaining a whole new item in its place – doesn’t sound like a bad trade off, does it? Sometimes it’s hard to come up with creative ideas for your stuff. That’s why here we’ve compiled a list of the eight best ways to use your old lace; whether it be scraps or another lace item you no longer have a use for, we’ve got a use for that! Just clock on each craft idea to get tips and tricks from other crafters like us!


1.) Black lace candles – By taking strips of lace and wrapping small glass votives with them creates a romantic feel that we just love. Instantly a normal candle becomes classy and elegant.


2.) Lace flower pots – These normal, clay flower pots become so pretty wrapped in lace! You can use classic white lace or play around with different colors, sizes and patterns. Make them completely your own!

3.) Lace doily table runner – Gather up all your old lace doilies and connect them together in an interesting pattern. The runners end up looking so beautiful and are a wonderful accent to any dinning room or end table.


4.) Lace washer bracelets – By weaving pretty strips of lace through washers and key rings, you can create beautiful bracelets in under two minutes!


5.) Lace denim cutoff shorts – Update old denim jean shorts with a stunning splash of lace on the sides. By cutting a triangle on either side of the shorts and sewing on some lace, you now have a new pair of jeans that will definitely turn some heads.


6.) Lace jewelry accessories – All you need for this is lace and some pretty string to hold it together! Just cut strips of lace and fasten them around your wrists for a bracelet, or cut out a piece of the pattern and add earring hooks for matching earrings.


7.) Lace edged scarf – Have some old scarfs laying around? Fall is definitely scarf season, and what better way to spruce up an old scarf than by adding some lace! Just take any lace trim you have lying around and sew it lengthwise onto your scarf. Take those scarfs from ordinary to extraordinarily pretty.


Love these ideas or have some unique ideas for lace of your own? We’d love to hear them so let us know in the comments below! Happy crafting!

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