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How To Make Button Art


The great thing about crafting is that you can really let your creative juices flows, let your artistic ability and personality shine as well as think as outside of the box as much as you want. With thousands of crafting ideas coupled with as many supplies available, your choices are endless!

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One newer crafting phenomenon is button art. Buttons are an indispensable craft supply. You can incorporate them into a project or create a masterpiece completely out of buttons. Button art looks great and is supported best when displayed on canvas.


In order to create your button art is to first come up with an idea. Some artists like to mimic pictures of food, animals and fashion, but you can also make whatever you want. Materials you will need, buttons of chosen color, canvas or other backing, tacky white glue, acrylic paint and paintbrush.


Step 1: you will want to draw a sketch on a plain piece of paper write in where the specific colored buttons will go.


Step 2: is to use a pencil and draw as lightly as you can the object you’re adorning with buttons.


Step 3: you will paint the object and let draw.

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Step 4: is to refer back to your original drawing as a reference, figure out which button will go first, drop a dab of glue and apply button.


Step 5: allow 25 hours to dry completely and then enjoy your button art!


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