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How To Stop Procrastinating and Finish That Craft Project!

How to finish craft projects

Procrastination is a battle many of us experience. Whether it is finishing the latest poem or essay, that dress we designed over a year ago, or simply starting a craft project we planned months ago; procrastination and excuses can get the best of us, and cost us time and money that we don’t have to spare.


Too many times we get a spark of creativity and it drives us to run out and buy fabric, glitter, glue, and all sorts of paint and construction items; only to watch it all sit in the closet for weeks, and sometimes months. These unused craft items are only a reminder that we have not started what we planned, or finished what we started.


Many of us need creative ways to get our artistic juices flowing, and little tricks of the mind to strengthen our commitment.


Here are a few ways you can jump start that craft idea or finish that collage that’s been sitting since Valentine’s Day:


1. Stop judging and comparing yourself to others.

This is your craft idea, your project; and procrastination often starts with self-judgement. You decided to embark on a project and you don’t feel talented or artistic enough to accomplish it. Let go of the judgement and remember that creating is supposed to be fun. Start with that premise, let go of all the expectations, and begin.


2. Don’t be afraid to change your mind.

Sometimes we purchase fabrics and other materials with a very specific idea in mind, and over time, we lose our zest for that particular project. If you lose interest in a project, stand back and take a fresh look at the materials you purchased until you begin to see something else. Maybe you did lose interest in making that collage, but those same materials could make a dream of a wall hanging!


3. Simplify your idea

Maybe your first plan is way too much for you right now; maybe you just don’t have the time to finish the project you originally created in your mind. You need to know that it’s okay, and many times, it’s very necessary, to simplify your idea. Redesign your project so that it fits better with the skills and time you have available right now.


4. Ask for help, or make it a team effort. Turn it into a party if you must!

If we are really stuck in deep procrastination over beginning or finishing a craft or art project; drastic remedies may be in order to help get us going. If you are overwhelmed by the amount of work involved, ask for help. Ring up a crafting and artistic friend, make a quick lunch and have him or her help you lay out and organize your materials, and your thoughts.

Invite even more friends over and have a crafts party. We are surely not the only ones who have half-a-project stashed away in the closet. Make it a full-on procrastination cocktail party. After a couple of glasses of wine, everyone’s project will look wonderful!


 5. Give Yourself A Deadline

If you absolutely must finish an afghan by the time your friend has her baby, you are much more likely to look for smaller windows of opportunity to do the work. All of those little bits of effort add up to a finished product in the end. Having a deadline will help to get you in the right mindset.

Beginning is half the battle. Once you find a way to start, usually the magic of creating, takes over, and you find the mental and physical energy you need to dig in deep, and bring your creation to life.

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