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Incorporate Lace into Your Big Day

There’s something incredibly elegant about lace, and as wedding bells start to sound, we are having visions of lace filled celebrations.

There are several different things you can do to incorporate lace into your wedding celebration, a fabric that often represents romance.

Lace Up Your Dress

If you really love lace, you can incorporate it into your big day by making it the main event: your dress. Lace dresses are timeless, classic, and elegant. In decades of wedding dresses, lace has never gone out of style. Boutiques are filled with lace wedding dress options, and you can easily add lace trim to any gown for a feminine flare.

Start with Invitations

If you really want to commit to a lace theme, you can incorporate lace fabric using your wedding invitations. If you already have an invitation that you love that doesn’t come with a lace print, add your own touch of lace to the invite by attaching a bit to act as a closure, or covering the invitation, almost like a veil.

Sweeten Things Up

A lace wedding cake is a perfect choice for a spring or summer wedding. It is a light, sweet, and fun touch. Many professional bakeries can create gorgeous cakes, covered with a lace overlay pattern of your choice that will set your cake apart.

Keep It Classic

A lace dress isn’t for everyone, but you can’t go wrong with a lace-trimmed veil. A lace veil will serve as a classic and beautiful touch to compliment any dress. You can even match the lace trim on your veil to your lace-patterned cake.

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