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Lace is the Perfect Accent for a Baby’s First Photo

A baby’s first photo is a very special occasion and it will be a physical memento of a memory that you undoubtedly cherish forever.

You will spend a lot of time searching for a photographer, figuring out what theme you want to go with, and looking through tiny outfits hoping to get a beautiful photograph.

However, if you really want to make your baby’s newborn photoshoot adorably sweet and delicate, try incorporating lace into the photographs. Lace is soft, delicate and beautiful, just as your newborn is.

You can easily incorporate lace into the first photographic of your infant. Here are some unique ideas that we’d recommend:

Simply Sleeping

If you want a soft and serene picture, let your little one sleep and drape lace around them. Make a makeshift “bed” out of lace, and lay your little one on their belly and drape the excess lace around their back, as if it is a blanket. This idea is simple yet stunning, and you can let your little one rest while you capture a sweet moment of them fast asleep, wrapped in delicate lace.

Create a Canopy

Hanging a canopy above your bed can instantly make a room appear softer. If you’re taking professional photographs of your little one, consider hanging a canopy made of lace above them, to capture a picture that will appear delicate and dainty. Canopies come in a variety of colors, thickness, and patterns, making it easy to customize the photograph to your preferences.

Playing Dress Up

The idea of lace is often associated with baby girls. However, prince charming can wear lace too. These tiny lace crowns are soft, sweet, and they won’t disturb royalty as they sleep. Every handsome prince deserves a crown, and we have to admit, they make for a great picture.

Lace Heaven has beautiful lace options in a variety of patterns and colors. Browse our wide selection to make your baby’s first photoshoot soft and sweet.

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