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Lace & Ribbon Crafts for Back to School

Whether you are sending your child off to the first day of Kindergarten or 11th grade this fall, you are probably looking for ways to make their school experience as special as possible. And for all the crafty moms out there, you know that this begins with some crafty customization! Spend some quality time with your child during these last few weeks of summer, brightening up her school supplies with these sweet DIY projects.

Lace Accented Backpack

As far as school supplies go, a backpack is a must-have on every child’s list. And even if last year’s bag is in perfect shape, your daughter may still want to add some new style to her school wardrobe. Instead of splurging on a brand new pack, why not dress up last year’s version with some lace?

All this simple lace backpack DIY requires is a bit of sewing knowledge, lace trim, a needle and thread. Sewn across your backpack’s front pocket, this afternoon project will have all the other girls at school wondering where your daughter found a bag so chic!

Click here for instructions.

Ribbon Bookmarks

A craft that even the youngest of children can help you with, these simple and fun bookmarks are the perfect way to use up some of the extra ribbon sitting in your scrap fabric pile. Best of all, you will have all the supplies you need right at home! Just grab some paperclips out of your desk drawer and let your kids have some fun.

Used to mark their place in textbooks and other reading materials, these itty-bitty bookmarks will make homework just that little bit more fun!

Click here for instructions.

Lace Print Book Covers

The first few weeks of school always offer an opportunity for moms to test their book cover skills, and if your daughter is looking for something a little bit more fun that the plain brown paper bag cover, there is no need to go out and purchase covers at the store. Just send her to your fabric stash and let her pick out some scraps of lace.

Then, cover the book using the same brown-bag technique your mom taught you and grab some spray paint. Tape your lace across the book cover, and spray. Once the paint dries you can remove the lace itself to reveal the gorgeous painted pattern beneath!

Click here for instructions.

For all your ribbon and lace crafting supplies, browse Lace Heaven online or give our Mobile, Alabama shop a call at 251-478-5622. Have some DIY back-to-school project ideas of your own? Feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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