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Lace Wreath for All Seasons

For many people, a decorative wreath is a vital part of home décor. A wreath can provide a door with style and grace, making it an inviting piece upon first impression when guests arrive. You can change your wreath seasonally or keep the same wreath up all year. With the holiday season coming to a close, you might be searching for a wreath that wouldn’t go “out of style.”

You can make your own handmade lace wreath that will serve as a soft and sweet statement piece all year long.

First, you’ll need to purchase a wreath form from any craft store. They are often made of Styrofoam or metal wire; either will serve as a solid foundation for your craft. Purchase any burlap of your choice, (although lighter color choices work better for this project) and wrap the wreath form in the burlap. You should be hot gluing the burlap onto the wreath form as you go. Make sure the wreath base is completely covered with the burlap before moving onto the next step.

Using whatever type of lace you prefer, wrap lace continuously around the burlap. You don’t want to completely cover the wreath with lace but the majority of the outside should be lace. The burlap that you put on first will likely be seen through the lace which is OK.  You can use lace trim or cut lace fabric to wrap around the wreath, it is up to you.

To make your wreath shine, consider adding some pearls or rhinestones to it. Using old earrings that you no longer wear or some cheap custom jewelry, you can embellish your wreath to give it some sparkle.

This lace wreath can be left up as long as you’d like it to be. It is timeless and vintage and will never expire with the season.

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