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Last Minute Lace Easter Egg Idea

Easter is coming up, (this weekend!) and it can be easy to get lost in the rush of this spring holiday with baskets to fill, chocolate bunnies to taste, and pastel colors to decorate with.

The history of painting or dying hard-boiled for Easter dates back centuries, and it’s hard to pinpoint the exact start of this tradition. However, the tradition of painting eggs symbolizes new life, fertility, and rebirth in many different countries and has become common practice around the Easter season.

If you haven’t started hard-boiling your eggs, now is the time! Hard-boiled eggs can be stored for about a week in a refrigerator, so your eggs will look beautiful out on your Easter table and for a few days afterwards.

We came across a Lace Easter Egg tutorial, by Jennifer Carroll, that we had to share.

Lace Easter eggs are so delicate, sweet, and soft, and will likely look much too lovely to eat.

First things first, hard-boil your eggs. In order to create this look, you’ll need lace strips. Lace trim can work really well for this, and we have a wide selection of styles available. You’ll need to tie the lace strips onto the eggs tightly, so make sure they are wide enough to wrap around.

You can use a rubber band or a ribbon to secure the lace onto the shell to make sure it is tight enough.

The rest of this DIY project is fairly simple. Once the lace is secured onto your egg, you’ll need to start coloring them! You can easily create dye using gel good color, hot water, and vinegar or buy dye from the store.

After the egg is removed from the dye, give time for the color to completely adhere on and remove the lace. You should have a beautiful lace pattern around your egg once the egg is cooled and the lace comes off.

Carroll does explain that some colors do work better compared to others, and some of it will come down to experimentation to see what might give you a cleaner final product.

We at Lace Heaven pride ourselves on providing quality lace, buttons, and many more products that are perfect for all your project needs. Visit our blog for more lace craft ideas!

(If you can’t seem to get this to work, simply dye an egg and wrap lace around it for a simple decoration!)

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