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Make Back-to-School Fun with DIY Projects

students and teacher in classroomHappy August from Lace Heaven! Summer vacation will soon be coming to a close, but there is still plenty of time to enjoy with your children while getting ready for the upcoming school year. From kindergarten to college, we have compiled an array of back-to-school crafts and projects to get your group excited for the months to come.

Monster Bookmarks

Get your elementary schooler excited to go back to reading with these monster bookmarks. Purchase some googly eyes, cardstock paper and some fun patterned paper while hunting for school supplies. Help your kids with the template and let them show their artistic side while designing the monsters! For instructions, click here. for a full tutorial.

Closet Organizers

Everyone has one; the child who just won’t get out of bed in the morning. Make getting dresses quick and easy each morning with Monday through Friday closet dividers. All you need is cardboard, adhesive paper and a pair of scissors. Print out and paste on labels or use alphabet stickers to spell out the days of the week. Put together outfits on the weekend for a grab and go tactic on those early school mornings. For instructions, click here

Lace Pencil Holder

Use a doily and a clear glass or plastic cup to add a little flair to your teen’s desk. Use spray adhesive to apply the doily to the container and add felt padding to the bottom of the container. For a pop of color, spray paint your doily beforehand. For instructions, click here.

DIY Milk Jug Sandwich Case

A crafty and customizable project for students of any age, create a sandwich case that will prevent PB&J from being smashed in the bottom of your son or daughter’s backpack. Most of the supplies for this project can be found around the house, making it a quick and easy DIY project. Use washi tape or stickers to make your container stand out. For instructions, click here.

Teacher’s Emergency Kit

Surprise your child’s teacher with a mason jar classroom emergency kit. A first-aid kit, lint roller, stain remover pen and hand lotion are a few great options to place inside. Check out this apple jar tutorial for an adorable school-themed touch. For emergency kit instructions, click here.
Have fun crafting with your kids, and enjoy the last few weeks of summer vacation! Looking for supplies to complete your projects? Visit Lace Heaven!

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