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Making Lace Last Long-Term

Used to make wedding gowns, high-end couture, window curtains, craft projects and so much more, lace has been a staple fabric across industries for hundreds of years.

And while it was traditionally sewn by hand, the development of the delicate Chantilly lace, silk tulle and other detailed lace varieties was greatly improved with the invention of the Leavers loom during the Industrial Revolution.

An enormous machine that takes about five years years to learn the ins and outs of, this loom is used to manufacture lace in specialty factories in Europe.

One of the last such businesses of its kind, Sophie Hallette is a lace-making company founded in Caudry, France in 1887.

The company has been running strong since then, making a name for itself as one of France’s greatest lace-making businesses. In recent years, Sophie Hallette’s lace was even used to create Kate Middleton’s exquisite wedding gown. The pattern used – which incorporates all the floral symbols of the countries in Britain – has quickly become one of their most sought after designs.

And with its 90 Leavers looms and 2,000 laces and tulles produced each season, the company produces its lace with an impeccable level of perfection.

Each loom specialist is in charge of just two looms, and every inch of hand is inspected and sewn to perfection. But with advancements in technology that make creating lace a much faster process, even companies like Sophie Hallette can’t sure that a need for their handcrafted specialty items will continue in the future.

Luckily, Sophie Hallette was recently inducted into Chanel’s Métiers d’Art, a prestigious honor that ensures their continued production for many years to come.

A group of suppliers that are owned by or invested in by fashion giant Chanel, this elite group provides Sophie Hallette the opportunity to continue making lace in its traditional style for years to come!

Here at Lace Heaven, we love to hear stories like this – that help the lace-making industry to flourish and showcase just what an art the design and development of lace patterns and fabric is.

We are proud to supply lace trim and ribbon to crafty individuals looking to sew their own clothing and create their next craft project. You can shop with us online or call us at 251-478-5644 for assistance finding just what you need.

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