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Organizing your Crafting Space


Have you ever sat down to your workspace and searched for twenty minutes and not found what you are looking for? Have you ever set something down just for a few seconds and lost it? Have you ever stepped on a pin and screamed in agonizing pain? If you answered yes to any of the above questions it may be time to start organizing your crafting space to utilize it to its full potential. Below are some of the more creative ways to organize your things in what is supposed to be a very creative space.


  1. Magazine Holders- These can be used for many things. Papers, manuals, even plastic canvas fits very well in this vertical space saving boxes
  2. Paper towel holders- the kind with the wooden dowel running thru it can act as the perfect holder for your ribbons. You can even stack a few on top of each other on your wall and fill with a rainbow of colors
  3. Over the door shoe organizer- this can utilize space that otherwise would have been wasted. Simple fill the cubby holes with larger items that do not currently have a home. The best ones have clear pockets so you can see what is in them without even really looking
  4. Peg Board- just like the guys use in garages to hold their tools. These can be used the same way in a craft room, even some of the hardware used to hold up tools can be used to hold your crafting tools
  5. Ice cube trays- use these for little things likes beads or rhinestones so that you won’t lose the, If possible trays with covers, just in case you have a accidentally fall of the shelf.


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