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Our Top Three Reasons to Love Lace

Here at Lace Heaven, it is pretty obvious that we adore lace; lace clothing, lace accessories, lace home décor. You name the item and we can probably tell you a way to improve it using a bit of lace trim. Elegant, stylish and oh-so-simple to work with, this material is our go-to for almost every crafting project we can come up with.

Whether you love lace just as much as we do, or are just starting to test the waters of sewing and crafting with this material, we have three reasons for you to pick some lace trim up right away!

Always In Style

Although some fashion trends come and go, lace is one that has stuck around for hundreds of years. European royalty and Hollywood starlets have worn it to their finest events, grandmas have sewn doilies from it and women of all ages have used it to dress up their clothing and accessories.

If you are looking to add a touch of style to your next DIY project, but want it to remain a timeless piece, look no further than lace!

Extraordinarily Versatile

If you have been keeping up with our blog, you probably already know this one. Lace trim is extraordinarily versatile. It can be used to create an endless number of projects, and with so many unique craft ideas out there, your extra bits and pieces will never go to waste.

There are so many colors, styles and sizes to choose from depending on the look you are trying to create, which makes lace a beautiful addition to your crafting and sewing supply box – regardless of your personal style.

Inexpensive to DIY

Elegant clutches, detailed shorts and trendy sneakers can be expensive! But with a bit of practice and lace trim, you can save tons of money recreating these looks with your next DIY project. Lace Heaven is home to an extensive collection of lace trim, as well as a wide array of other high quality craft and sewing supplies. Shop with us online, and don’t forget to check back frequently for more lace project inspiration!

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