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Patch Your Distressed Denim with Lace

A staple fabric in every closet; denim will never go out of fashion. The style in which we wear it is always changing though, and from bell bottoms to skinny jeans, the fashion world has seen it all.

One denim look that has been popular in recent years is distressed denim.

Paired with a simple tee while you run errands or grab coffee with friends, this style of denim gives off a laid back, comfortable vibe. But when partnered with a blazer and heels it can also be dressed up for a fun evening out. And if you are looking to give your distressed denim a hint of extra style and flair, we think that adding lace is the perfect way to do so.

Oftentimes when we purchase jeans with holes, these spots continue to gape and expand with regular wash and wear. So not only will lace-patched holes give you a chic flair, they will also keep your jeans from tearing too far.

We bet they will even have your friends asking where they can get their hands on a pair just like yours!

All you need to complete this five-minute craft is enough lace to cover the holes in your jeans, a needle and thread that is the same color as your denim.

Whether you prefer classic white, elegant black or a colorful hue to add some drama to your denim, Lace Heaven has plenty of options for you to choose from. Shop with us online or give our Mobile, Alabama shop a call at 251-478-5644 for assistance finding a particular style.

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