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Spice Up Your Keychain

Have you changed up your key ring lately? Chances are the same keychains are still hanging there, five years after you purchased your car and three years after you moved into your new apartment. Why not spice things up a bit? After all, you use your keys at least twice every single day!

One of our favorite DIY projects here at Lace Heaven is Sum of Their Stories button cluster key ring. All you’ll need is a couple pliers, a keyring with a chain, jump rings, and your favorite buttons, like the ones we have available from Lace Heaven.

The process is super simple, so even a beginner DIY-er can give it a shot:

  • Start by opening a jump ring by using the two pliers.
  • Then slide the open jump ring through one button hole on one button, and then through one chain link on the key ring.
  • Close it up and repeat with more buttons until the chain on your keyring is filled.

To really make this project special and unique, head over to our ribbons page at Lace Heaven and pick out a few ribbons to add to your keychain. You can create color themes, like the colors of someone’s alma mater, which would make a perfect graduation gift!

We also have pom poms and tassels that would make a great addition to your keychain! Use a glue gun to affix the poms to the buttons for a festive, creative keychain.

Personalized keychains make great gifts for any occasion, and oftentimes you can make them with items you have lying around the house. Grab some keyrings at your local crafts store and get creative!

Don’t forget about our weekly specials here at Lace Heaven and call us today at 251-478-5644 if you have any questions about our products or your order. Happy crafting!


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