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Start the New Year with an Organized Crafting Space

Every year, we crafters make the same New Year’s resolution to organize our crafting supplies, complete our half-finished projects and give away all the completed crafts just lying around. And even if you have never been able to make this change before, 2016 provides you the perfect opportunity to try again! Here at Lace Heaven, we have a few great techniques to try to get your crafts in order this year.

Create a Crafting Space

Treat yourself this year and create a special space for all your crafting supplies. Put a set of shelves in the guest room or convert a corner of your basement into a crafting cave to help you get more organized. Once you things are all in one spot, it will be easier to keep them in order.

We recommend purchasing bins and labeling them according to the supplies and equipment you have. As you sort your items into the bins, you will be able to cut back on plenty of extra clutter. Dried up glue, tiny fabric scraps, almost empty paints and old brushes can all be thrown out, and duplicate items can be donated. Instead of keeping five pairs of scissors when you only ever use one, give the extras to a local elementary school or daycare center.

Gift or Donate Items

After you’ve got your crafting supplies put away neatly, it’s time to take a long, hard look at all of the projects you have made but don’t have a use for. Whether it’s the pile of pot holders you knitted last year or the extra throw pillows that have never made it to the couch, decide which pieces you really want to keep and which you can get rid of. Donate the crafts you don’t need or wrap them up to be gifted to the hosts of upcoming parties. Your friends, family and community members will truly appreciate these gifts you’ve made with love and you will finally have room to get started on something new!

Now that you have a well-organized space of your own to work on your DIY projects, there is no reason not to finish the things you were working on throughout 2015. Looking for lace, buttons or other crafting supplies to complete your crafts with? Visit Lace Heaven to order them today.

Happy New Year and happy crafting!

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