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Summer Crafts for Kids


Summer vacation is finally here and your kids are probably more than ready for the next few months of sun and fun! While there are tons of things to do on a sunny summer day, what do you do the next time it rains? Take some inspiration from these kid-friendly summer crafts and enjoy a rainy day inside together.

Button Bugs

This cute and simple button craft is sure to be a hit with your kids! All you need are buttons, craft wire and googly eyes. After using the wire to create legs for your bug, place them in plants around the house or out in your garden. For instructions, click here.
Kids Crafting

Toilet Roll Octopus

These toilet roll octopi are a great craft if you don’t have a lot of crafting supplies on hand. To make your octopi, use toilet roll cores; paint, markers or chalk; and some sort of ribbon, lace or yarn (for the tentacles). Let your kids decorate their octopi however they like, then enjoy a rainy day of play with their new friends! After the kids are done playing with their new craft, punch a hole in the top of the toilet paper roll core and hang the crafts in their windows! For instructions, click here.

Button Headband

Introduce your girls to sewing with this cute and quick button headband craft. Supplies include elastic, buttons, a needle and thread! To make to sewing easier, glue the buttons to the elastic first. Let your kids glue down their button design, wait for them to dry, then teach them to sew the buttons on for a cute, wearable craft that won’t fall apart. For instructions, click here.

Garden Plaques

Looking for a fun afternoon activity for your kids, as well as some great garden decorations? Then this garden plaque craft is for you! Mix up some Plaster of Paris and pour it into aluminum pie tins. Use buttons, beads, shells and more to create the plaques. All items will sink into the plaster as it dries, so set them lightly on top while decorating. For instructions, click here.

Enjoy these fun, family crafts and remember to share some pictures with us here at Lace Heaven. We would love to see your masterpieces! Looking for supplies? Check out all we have to offer on our website. Happy crafting, and have a great summer!

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