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Four Hacks Every Crafter Needs to Know

From hot glue sticks that leave stringy wisps all over your project to those little pieces of glitter you just can’t get rid of after completing your daughter’s dance costume, there are a few crafting mishaps all of us have faced. Luckily, there are quite a few simple and inexpensive tricks that can help you… Read more »

Summer Table Settings

Summer is the perfect season for outdoor picnics, grilling, and cookouts. Whether you are dining on the ground, picnic table, or at the beach, a table cloth helps to keep your food away from dirt and bugs. It’s a constantly clean setting for which you can place your feast. Take your old weathered picnic table… Read more »

3 DIY Lace Projects for the Summer

Lace is the perfect match for the beautiful summer weather. It’s easy, lightweight, breathable, and looks gorgeous. Check out a few of these DIY Lace projects to get your summer started. Lace Slip-on Sneakers All you need for this east project is a pair of plain slip on sneakers (Vans makes a great pair), lace… Read more »

Which Lace Are You? [Quiz]

Everyone has different taste in food, clothing, home decor, and even lace. Did you know there are tons of different types of lace? From sensual black lace, to girly frilly lace, each person will have a different preference. Take the quiz below to find out which lace best matches your personality! Then, check out our… Read more »

10 Things to Do with Extra Lace

A leading supplier of lace for craft and sewing, Lace Heaven sees an endless list of possibilities when it comes to decorating with this delicate and chic material. From candles to invitations, we have created a list of the top ten things you can do with a bit of extra lace! Keep reading for some… Read more »