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10 Things to Do with Extra Lace

A leading supplier of lace for craft and sewing, Lace Heaven sees an endless list of possibilities when it comes to decorating with this delicate and chic material. From candles to invitations, we have created a list of the top ten things you can do with a bit of extra lace!

Keep reading for some lovely lace crafting inspiration.

1. Candles

Have a few empty glass jars in your collection of potential crafting materials? If so, you can easily wrap your favorite lace around the base of them and add a tea light to make your own candle holder.

These candles create an elegant glow perfect for placing on your home’s mantle or as a centerpiece on your table.

2. Cupcakes

Planning a bridal or baby shower? You can make your cupcakes extra special by wrapping lace around their wrappers.

3. Hair Accessories

Lace headbands and barrettes add a classic touch to any outfit, and are a wonderful craft to make with your young daughters.

4. Nails

Place your left over lace onto gel resin and spray with glue dry to execute this latest nail trend. All of your girlfriends will be dying to learn your salon-worthy secret.

5. Shoes

Measure out the perfect amount of lace to cover each shoe, then use hot glue to carefully add it to the shoe’s edge. Complete this DIY project by cutting off excess lace, gluing the lace around the top of the shoe, and finally inside the heel.

Click here for a great example tutorial.

6. Necklace

An elegant piece of lace, a chain and pliers are the only supplies needed to create this timeless piece of jewelry. Click here for a few of our favorite examples.

7. Tank Top

Give a boring tank top a makeover by sewing on colorful lace around the collar. You can also add length to the bottom of your tank by sewing a bit of length around the bottom.

8. Picture Frame

Use a hot glue gun to carefully add lace pieces around the border of a plain picture frame.

9. Bouquet

Wrap the base of flowers with lace to create an extra special touch to wedding bouquets.

10. Cards/Invitations

Looking to save some money with DIY invitations and thank you notes? Lace is the perfect addition to wedding, bridal and bachelorette party invites.

Don’t have any extra lace? Lace Heaven offers an incredible array of lace trim at our online craft and sewing supplies store. Our lace is available in a wide assortment of sizes and colors to compliment any project. Start shopping with us now!

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