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Thanksgiving Wreath Project

Thanksgiving Wreath Project | Lace Heaven

Who doesn’t love a nice fall wreath? They look absolutely gorgeous on doorways, in hallways, and over mantles. Creating your own fall wreath to accent your Thanksgiving decor can be a fun and exciting project. With all of the lace options at Lace Heaven, you can fully customize your wreath for Thanksgiving – or even start thinking ahead towards Christmas! Wreaths make amazing hand made gifts for family, friends, or Thanksgiving hosts.


Pinterest has a whole ton of narratives that show you how to make a variety of different wreaths. Most of them are extremely inexpensive and fun to make! Here are some basic necessities:


Wreath Base

Each wreath must start with a solid base on which you attach the decorations. A couple clever crafters used wire coat hangers that were stretched into a circle with a hook at the top. Others used a foam base that you can buy at a local craft store. You can also find beautiful wreaths made with entwined twigs or straw.


Wreath Trappings

Once you have your base, all you have left to do is develop a collection of accessories to form your wreath. These can range from flowers, to leaves or even small gourds. Visit our Pinterest Page to browse through tons of ideas. Once you have your collection of lace, ribbons, leaves, flowers, pinecones, or whatever you plan on decorating with – arrange them around your base and settle on a general arrangement. Use a hot glue gun to permanently fix the trappings to the wreath base.

Let dry, and hang on your front door.


Browse Lace Heaven’s collection of metallic lace, sequins, chenille trim, fancy fringe, or delicate eyelet lace trim for your wreath trappings.


If you are making a Christmas themed wreath, check out our Christmas collection!

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