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The 6 Best Back-to-School Sewing Projects



No matter what time of year it is, there are always a handful of reasons to start crafting. With the end of summer approaching quickly, most of us are preparing our wardrobe again for the cooler months. It’s time to say goodbye to the shorts and tank tops and hello to scarves and sweaters. With the end of summer also comes the beginning of the school season – and with school comes a load of new craft projects to start for all the students in your life!


Back-to-school crafts are cute, fun and functional. It can be difficult to find items in the store that your kids will love, but making them yourself allows you to be creative and personalize them the way they’d like. Here are six of the best back-to-school crafts and projects and tutorials to start working on this month:


1.) Lunch bags – Kristen from Sew Mama Sew presents us with a great craft to create lunch bags that are completely personalized to your child, from colors to the design on the front – let them draw a pattern they love so they can feel like they had a big part in the project. They’ll be able to brag about their artistic skills, too!


2.) Pencil case – Also found on Sew Mama Sew, Kristen posts a fun project from the book We Love to Sew by Annabel Wrigley. Annabel presents us with a fun and colorful project for ages 9 and up to create a personalized pencil case! This is fun and easy and even more exciting that your student can help make it for themselves!



3.) Fabric binder cover – These durable fabric binder covers are great for any subject, and oh-so cute. You can make them look like a pair of jeans like Debbie Colgrove from sewing.about.com (complete with a pocket). Your student will want one of these for every binder!


4.) Backpacks – An absolute must-have for any student, backpacks are a great project and item to personalize. This project brought to you by Stacy from Hart & Sew is super cute and customized to your child. I also found more from Tipnut.com with 20+ different patterns and tutorials for backpacks and napsacks. Check them out here!


5.) Crayon/colored pencil roll – This project comes to us from Cocoa from Chocolate on my Cranium. A fun and simple project that will keep all the coloring utensils in order (we all know how easy crayons can be to lose).


6.) Reusable snack bags – These are the coolest way to carry around snacks, and the best part is they’re eco-friendly and reusable! Brought to us from the girls from Fireflies and Jellybeans (Fawnda and Jeannine), these are conveniently made with iron-on vinyl so the bags can be wiped out and cleaned when necessary.


Like these ideas? Make some of the back-to-school crafts we’ve found and let us know how they turned out! Have your own awesome projects? We want to know all about them – let us know what you’re crafting in our comments section!

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