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The Collar Trend: Adding Collars to Old Clothing

DIY Lace Collar


For those with overflowing closets of barely-worn garments from 10 years ago, repurposing some of your old clothing can be a great way to revitalize your wardrobe without spending much money. One way to do this is to add DIY lace collars to shirts, blouses, dresses or cardigans!


To create a DIY lace collar, all you’ll need is a garment to work on, some thick lace trim, appliques, or fabric doilies, matching thread, pins, a pair of scissors, and a sewing machine. It’s worth noting that stylish collars can be made attached or detached; If you’re not comfortable sewing, making detached lace collars requires minimal needle and thread work that can all be done by hand!


Semi-translucent lace appliques are great for layering over fabric, especially on solid colored cardigans. Check out this post on Cassiefairy’s lifestyle blog for an example!


If you like the look of lace, but not of a solid lace collar, consider adding a thin lace trim to an already collared garment. Trims that are under 2”, like our 3/8” Taupe Beige Lace Trim and  3/8” Off White Lace Trim, are perfect for trying this variation.


No sewing machine (or no sewing machine skills)? No problem! With a thin needle and thread, you can fashion a lace collar-styled necklace using lace trim and a chunky jewelry chain, as Lotts & Lots shows in her handy blog tutorial. This, styled over a simple blouse or even an exposed neckline, would add a funky bit of flair to an otherwise ordinary outfit.


To get started on your own DIY lace collar or other lace craft project, explore our extensive online inventory of trims and appliques; and to receive more DIY ideas, subscribe to our blog posts!



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